Blog 2:


Well here I am in sunny New York, supposedly visiting my sister and niece but have found myself working every day since I got here. This place is so full of colour, interesting characters, delicious scents (and some not quite so…), multicultural flavours and its noisy… but I love it. You cannot fail to be inspired wherever you go and whatever you see.


Last Thursday I met up with Katie, a Brooklyn based designer who is the force behind Grow House Grow, a business specialising in hand made wallpapers and fabrics. She is the sweetest girl who is passionate about her work, her place is an eclectic mix of fabulous items, colour and pattern, her home itself is an inspiration. She showed me her new designs and I left with a wide selection of samples and I really hope I’ll use her products on future projects. Katie is also putting me in touch with other New York based designers so hopefully I can bring some exclusive fabrics and wallpapers back to the UK in the near future.


Here are some examples of her work, I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do.